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Music Box Opera

Delerium - Music Box Opera

As the musical zeitgeist slips further into an obsession with easily digestible singles and online statistics, options become increasingly limited for those in search of deep albums. However, Delerium steps up with the most intriguing, intricate, and infectious offering to date, Music Box Opera.

With the creator/brainchild of Delerium, Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy) at the helm, the Vancouver-based electronic outfit - which includes collaborators Rhys Fulber, Jared Slingerland and Jeremy Inkel - fuses ambient and cinematic production with soaring vocals courtesy of a myriad of guests. As a result, this Opera comes to life vividly and vibrantly.

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"Monarch (Featuring Nadina)"


  1. 1. Consciousness Of Love (Featuring Stef Lang)
  2. 2. Monarch (Featuring Nadina)
  3. 3. Days Turn Into Nights (Featuring Michael Logen)
  4. 4. Chrysalis Heart (Featuring Stef Lang)
  5. 5. Light Your Light (Featuring Jaël)
  6. 6. Raindown
  7. 7. Sky (Tears From Heaven) (Featuring Kristy Thirsk)
  8. 8. Hammer (Featuring Leona Naess)
  9. 9. Awakening (Featuring Nadina)
  10. 10. Frostbite (Featuring Anna-Lynne Williams)
  11. 11. Keyless Door (Featuring Azure Ray)
  12. 12. Music Box Opera