New Releases For February 5, 2016


Degradead - Degradead

Playing music together since school times at the age of fourteen, Degradead are celebrating their 15th band anniversary and their 5th studio album. The band is looking back on four successful studio albums, several European, Russian and even an Indian tour as well as playing on the big major festivals throughout Europe. For the 15th band anniversary they decided to name the album Degradead as this is what it is: Degradead at its best.

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  1. 1. Afterlife
  2. 2. Victimize
  3. 3. A New Dawn
  4. 4. Morphosis
  5. 5. The Blinding Crusade
  6. 6. Say Your Last Goodbye
  7. 7. The Extinction
  8. 8. Dark Veil
  9. 9. Neglected
  10. 10. Grand Eternity
  11. 11. Killing Game