New Releases For January 18, 2019

Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?

Deerhunter - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?

Deerhunter have made a science fiction album about the present. Why wake up in the morning? Why hasn’t everything already disappeared? Their eighth LP forgets the questions and makes up unrelated answers. What they spend their time doing is reinventing their approach to microphones, the drum kit, the electromechanical and synthetic sounds of keyboards. What guitars are left are pure chrome, plugged straight into the mixing desk with no amplifier or vintage warmth. The result is as thrilling and unpredictable as anything in their roughly 15-year career. Make sure you check them out on tour.

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"Death In Midsummer"


  1. 1. Death In Midsummer
  2. 2. No One's Sleeping
  3. 3. Greenpoint Gothic
  4. 4. Element
  5. 5. What Happens To People?
  6. 6. Detournement
  7. 7. Futurism
  8. 8. Tarnung
  9. 9. Plains
  10. 10. Nocturne

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