New Releases For October 5, 2010

Dean Shoultz
Suite Emotions

Dean Shoultz - Suite Emotions

Dean Shoultz is a rock guitarist who can tear up the fret board, yet his musical compositions transcend a single instrument or style. To understand Dean's music you must take a generous dose of solid instrumental rock, mix in a component of jazz, add a bit of new age, a spot of ambient, and a touch of shredding. His music is compelling, accessible and emotional.

From the opening track 'Cradle of Able' to the closing track 'Night Noises,' you will feel like you're in a movie soundtrack.

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"Cradle of Abel"


  1. 1. Cradle of Abel
  2. 2. Requiem for a Lost People
  3. 3. Moroccan Eyes
  4. 4. Suite Dreams
  5. 5. He Turns Out the Sun
  6. 6. Taylor's Song
  7. 7. The Carpenter's Tree
  8. 8. Lonely Moon
  9. 9. A Knew Age
  10. 10. Sequel to the Server
  11. 11. Night Noises