New Releases For August 6, 2013

The Arsonist

Deadlock - The Arsonist

'What are we now? We are the change!' is an essential line in Deadlock's 'The Final Storm' and can be regarded as the red thread when it comes to their sixth album, The Arsonist.

After a line-up change, a new chapter opens in the book of Deadlock. A chapter that couldn't be more electrifying and thrilling, every part, every vocal line and each and every played note had to live up to the expectations of all band members. The result - The Arsonist - is a testament to this work ethic.

For fans of The Agonist, Trivium and Arch Enemy.

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"Dead City Sleepers"


  1. 1. The Great Pretender
  2. 2. I'm Gone
  3. 3. Dead City Sleepers
  4. 4. The Arsonist
  5. 5. Darkness Divine
  6. 6. As We Come Undone
  7. 7. Hurt
  8. 8. The Final Storm
  9. 9. Small Town Boy (Bronski Beat Cover)
  10. 10. My Pain

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