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Good Luck With Whatever

Dawes - Good Luck With Whatever

“As a songwriter, this album is a relinquishing of my codependence...Not concerning myself with things that I shouldn’t...witnessing life around me but trying to hold back judgement. It’s also about stepping more firmly into adulthood, even if a few years later than expected. As a band, this album is a celebration of each other and our closeness as a group. It’s the 4 of us live in a room not hiding behind any sort of studio magic. This band has made us stronger and brought us closer through the years and we’re recognizing that and are more proud of that than ever.” – Taylor Goldsmith

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"Who Do You Think You're Talking To?"


  1. 1. Still Feel Like A Kid
  2. 2. Good Luck With Whatever
  3. 3. Between The Zero And The One
  4. 4. None Of My Business
  5. 5. St. Augustine At Night
  6. 6. Who Do You Think You're Talking To?
  7. 7. Didn't Fix Me
  8. 8. Free As We Wanna Be
  9. 9. Me Especially

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 24
    Harrisburg, PA, US Dawes at XL Live
  • Sep 25
    Grand Rapids, MI, US Dawes at Calvin University
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