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David Lynch
Crazy Clown Time

David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time

Visionary filmmaker David Lynch presents his solo debut as a musical artist with Crazy Clown Time. Produced and written by Lynch, the album's 14 original songs spotlight him on guitar and vocals. Two tracks released late last year - 'Good Day Today' and 'I Know' - already have American and British critics buzzing about the album.

The Los Angeles Times writes: 'Frightening effects and mysterious lyrics: this is Lynch's most unexpected venture to date.'

The BBC declares: 'Now David Lynch leaves his stamp on the music world as well...'

The Washington Post adds: 'Every bit as pleasantly odd as you might imagine from Lynch.'

New Musical Express calls it: 'the sound of a creative genius dipping a toe in a new medium.'

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"Good Day Today"


  1. 1. Pinky's Dream
  2. 2. Good Day Today
  3. 3. So Glad
  4. 4. Noah's Ark
  5. 5. Football Game
  6. 6. I Know
  7. 7. Strange And Unproductive Thinking
  8. 8. The Night Bell With Lightning
  9. 9. Stone's Gone Up
  10. 10. Crazy Clown Time
  11. 11. These Are My Friends
  12. 12. Speed Roadster
  13. 13. Movin' On
  14. 14. She Rise Up