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David Clayton-Thomas
Say Somethin'

David Clayton-Thomas - Say Somethin'

David Clayton-Thomas began his amazing journey with his 1968 debut album with Blood Sweat & Tears that sold 10 million copies worldwide. He hasn’t slowed down since then and developed into one of the most recognizable voices in music, to date selling over 40 million records. In 2007 his jazz/rock composition “Spinning Wheel” was enshrined in the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. Through the years, he has lost none of the attributes that have made him one of the greatest vocalists of his generation. That unmistakable voice now soaring and sunny, now a dark, somber shade of blue – he still just sings the hell out of a song.

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"The Circus"


  1. 1. Burwash
  2. 2. The System
  3. 3. Dear Mr. Obama
  4. 4. King Midas
  5. 5. Never Again
  6. 6. This Town
  7. 7. The Precipice
  8. 8. The Circus
  9. 9. A Bright Shining City
  10. 10. God's Country

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