New Releases For September 24, 2013

Dave King Trucking Company
Adopted Highway

Dave King Trucking Company - Adopted Highway

Dave King has used the Trucking Company as a palette for mixing both musical styles and superior musical talents that are not of the mainstream. The band could be seen as a poster child for bands revolting against the academic leanings of mainstream jazz, preferring the slant towards the corporeal.

The new Trucking Company record, Adopted Highway, was recorded with earthly intentions. The ensemble features drummer Dave King, guitarist Erik Fratzke, bassist Adam Linz along with saxophonists Chris Speed and Brandon Wozniak. The album was recorded onto to two-inch tape with only two takes per track.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Ice Princess"


  1. 1. I Will Live Next To The Wrecking Yard
  2. 2. Dolly Jo And Ben Jay
  3. 3. Ice Princess
  4. 4. Do You Live In A Star City?
  5. 5. When In North Dakota
  6. 6. This Is A Non-Lecture
  7. 7. Bronsonesque