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Dave Davies
I Will Be Me

Dave Davies - I Will Be Me

Dave's new album I Will Be Me is a return to his groundbreaking guitar sound and innovative songwriting. His classically English voice shows off a new deepness but still hits his famous high notes in this collection. The hard rocking track 'Livin' in the Past,' takes a look at obsession with all things retro but, ever the mod, Dave surprises with the lyric, 'no matter what they do or say, the future's here to stay!' He takes a look back with 'Little Green Amp,' a playful, punk homage to days when his jagged, blues driven sound wave ripped ahead of the British Invasion through stereos the world over.

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"Midnight In L.A."


  1. 1. Little Green Amp
  2. 2. Livin' In The Past
  3. 3. The Healing Boy
  4. 4. Midnight In L.A.
  5. 5. In The Mainframe
  6. 6. Energy Fields
  7. 7. When I First Saw You
  8. 8. The Actress
  9. 9. Erotic Neurotic
  10. 10. You Can Break My Heart
  11. 11. Walker Through The Worlds
  12. 12. Remember The Future
  13. 13. Cote Du Rhone (I Will Be Me)