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Darrin Bradbury
Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs

Darrin Bradbury - Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs

Darrin Bradbury writes about the way things really are in America – a singular perspective shaped by a natural gift for storytelling and a sly sense of humor. A self-described folk satirist who has toured the country for more than a decade, Bradbury collects his oddball observations in his newest album, Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs. With a handful of self-funded EPs and albums, Bradbury steadily cultivated a national audience by touring constantly. Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs is Bradbury’s first release for ANTI- Records.

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  1. 1. Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs
  2. 2. Breakfast
  3. 3. Hell's More Or Less The Same
  4. 4. The Trouble Wtih Time (Featuring Margo Price)
  5. 5. Strange Bird
  6. 6. Nothing Much
  7. 7. The American Life
  8. 8. This Too Shall Pass
  9. 9. Motel Room, Motel Room
  10. 10. So Many Ways To Die (Frozen Pizza)
  11. 11. Dallas 1963