New Releases For October 9, 2020

Fish Pond Fish

Darlingside - Fish Pond Fish

Darlingside started their studio recording Fish Pond Fish in late 2019, when they moved into Tarquin Studios - the residential studio of Grammy Award-winning producer Peter Katis (Interpol, The National). Living and working together brought them to their very early years under one roof in Hadley, Massachusetts, which had seeded the origins of their intimate collaboration. At Katis’s suggestion, many components of the initial demos were preserved as layers in the produced tracks to retain the spirit of the initial recordings, resulting in a collection of songs that is simultaneously the most bedroom-tracked and production-heavy full-length album that the band has yet released.

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"Ocean Bed"


  1. 1. Woolgathering
  2. 2. Crystal Caving
  3. 3. Ocean Bed
  4. 4. Keep Coming Home
  5. 5. Green + Evergreen
  6. 6. Time Will Be
  7. 7. February/Stars
  8. 8. Denver
  9. 9. Mountain + Sea
  10. 10. See You Change
  11. 11. A Light On In The Dark

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 11
    Stockholm, Sweden Sthlm Americana 2021
  • Jun 12
    Oslo, Norway Oslo Americana 2021
  • Jun 15
    Bergen, Norway Bergenfest 2021
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