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Dark Psychosis
The Edge Of Nowhere

Dark Psychosis - The Edge Of Nowhere

Scene legend Xaphan (Summon & Masochist) returns with a genre-bending new album. Imagine Joy Division sacrificed at the altar of Slayer or Pink Floyd mutilated by Watain. Incorporating elements from indie rock, psychedelia, classic heavy metal, darkwave, post-punk, thrash and, of course, black metal, The Edge Of Nowhere is a ripping album destined to reach far beyond the parameters of Heavy Metal. From goth/new wave tinged tracks like “The Edge Of Nowhere...,” to Masochist / Summon styled black metal classics, to old school ripping thrashers like “Ominous Black,” this album has a little bit of everything for lovers of truly unique and dark music.

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"Old Fear"


  1. 1. Old Fear
  2. 2. Born To Lose
  3. 3. Dead As Sheep
  4. 4. The Edge Of Nowhere...
  5. 5. Dark Call...
  6. 6. Late Night (Syd Barrett Cover)
  7. 7. Ominous Black
  8. 8. As The Longing Grows
  9. 9. New Decay / Outro
  10. CD Only Bonus Track:
  11. 1. Wrath and Woeful (Sessions From 2008)
  12. Digital Only Bonus Track:
  13. 1. Drink Fight And Fuck (G.G. Allin Cover)