New Releases For June 21, 2011

Danko Jones
Below The Belt

Danko Jones - Below The Belt

Below The Belt is the place where the best rock 'n' roll comes from, and the place where these 11 songs hit you. On this release, Danko Jones sounds more like the hungry power trio that first broke out nationally in Canada with 1999's My Love Is Bold EP, which provided the first hints that these garage-punk noisemakers had the pop chops to go global. However, while Danko was eager to play the victim of love in the past, Below The Belt finds him having the last laugh in the face of love, saying the things that are on all of our minds but we're too afraid to admit.

TAGS: Garage | Hard Rock

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"I Think Bad Thoughts"


  1. 1. I Think Bad Thoughts
  2. 2. Active Volcanoes
  3. 3. Tonight Is Fine
  4. 4. Magic Snake
  5. 5. Had Enough
  6. 6. (I Can't Handle) Moderation
  7. 7. Full Of Regret
  8. 8. The Sore Loser
  9. 9. Like Dynamite
  10. 10. Apology Accepted
  11. 11. I Wanna Break Up With You

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