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Daniel Rossen
Silent Hour / Golden Mile

Daniel Rossen - Silent Hour / Golden Mile

'...gorgeously still... Rossen shows off his estimable tenor over a warm and immaculately recorded bed of pianos and woodwinds. The man knows what he's doing.' - Stereogum

Having written some of the most critically-acclaimed songs of the last several years as part of Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Daniel Rossen recorded a brand new collection of wholly personal songs on his debut solo release Silent Hour/Golden Mile.

Essentially all of the instruments, singing, arranging and production is by Rossen himself, with a bit of help from friends Scott Hirsch, Eric Slick of Dr. Dog, and Ian Davis & Kris Nolte. Unlike Grizzly Bear's more meticulous and piecemeal approach to songcraft and recording, much of what is heard on this EP are first takes, which yields something new, yet inherently Rossen's.

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"Silent Song"


  1. 1. Up On High
  2. 2. Silent Song
  3. 3. Return To Form
  4. 4. Saint Nothing
  5. 5. Golden Mile