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Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell
Turn Turn Turn

Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell - Turn Turn Turn

Since the early 2000's Grammy winner Dan Zanes and Smithsonian Folkways artist Elizabeth Mitchell have been at the forefront of traditional American acoustic music for children of all ages.

The album features 15 tracks including 'Turn Turn Turn,' an updated take on the song written by Pete Seeger a half century ago which includes recently unearthed additional lyrics (not in the Seeger original or the Byrds hit), written specifically for children by Pete's wife, Toshi.

You can catch appearances by Dan and Liz on Sprout, the 24-hour preschool network, on The Sunny Side Up Show starting later this summer.

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"Now Let's Dance"


  1. 1. Sail Away Ladies
  2. 2. Honeybee
  3. 3. Coney Island Avenue
  4. 4. So Glad I'm Here
  5. 5. Turn! Turn! Turn!
  6. 6. Now Let's Dance
  7. 7. When You're Smiling
  8. 8. Raccoon And Possum
  9. 9. Hot Weather Music
  10. 10. Wim Wam Waddle
  11. 11. In The Sun
  12. 12. My Creole Belle
  13. 13. Shine
  14. 14. Train Is A-Coming
  15. 15. When I Get Home