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Dan Wilson
Vessels Of Wood And Earth

Dan Wilson - Vessels Of Wood And Earth

On his marvelous new album, Vessels Of Wood And Earth, guitarist/composer Dan Wilson takes the title to mean that we as a society tend to look at the shiny exteriors that attract us in an instant, rather than appreciate the less readily apparent structures that actually support the house. Through 11 joyfully dynamic compositions ranging from takes on classic songs from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Ted Daffan mixed with a nod to the spiritual master John Coltrane as well as five original compositions, Wilson builds a foundation rooted as much in tradition as it is in moving the music irresistibly forward into the modern world.

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"Who Shot John"


  1. 1. The Rhythm Section
  2. 2. Bird Of Beauty
  3. 3. The Reconstruction Beat
  4. 4. Vessels Of Wood And Earth
  5. 5. Who Shot John
  6. 6. After The Rain/Save The Children
  7. 7. Inner City Blues
  8. 8. Juneteenth
  9. 9. Cry Me A River
  10. 10. James
  11. 11. Born To Lose