New Releases For March 12, 2013

Dan Tepfer & Ben Wendel
Small Constructions

Dan Tepfer & Ben Wendel - Small Constructions

'We recorded Small Constructions over the course of a few days in the Yamaha artist space in Manhattan, with some of our favorite instruments close at hand: a beautiful piano, a Fender Rhodes, three kinds of saxes, a bassoon and a melodica. It was a DIY affair - we used our own recording gear and though we 6 were very focused on the music at hand, we didn't worry too much about how it would fit into a specific category of genre. The end result is a set of songs that expresses our mutual love of jazz, classical, pop and more.' - Dan Tepfer

TAGS: Jazz

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"Jean And Renata"


  1. 1. Still Play
  2. 2. Pannonica
  3. 3. Jean And Renata
  4. 4. Line Up
  5. 5. Line
  6. 6. Nines
  7. 7. Gratitude
  8. 8. Ask Me Now
  9. 9. Rygabag
  10. 10. Darn That Dream
  11. 11. Variation 1 In D Minor
  12. 12. Oblique Strategy