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Dan + Claudia Zanes
Let Love Be Your Guide

Dan + Claudia Zanes - Let Love Be Your Guide

Let Love Be Your Guide, the first duo album by internationally renowned family musicians Dan + Claudia Zanes, is a collection of songs to spark intergenerational conversations about anti-racism, racial justice, and the joys of community. Conceived during the 2020 Black Lives Matter uprisings and coronavirus pandemic, the songs describe the new terms of togetherness – how we understand it, how we build it, and how we strive for more. Rooted in many different traditions, including gospel, R&B, and Haitian folk song, the eclectic, warm, and accessible music the duo makes reflects the kindness and openness that underpin their message: out of isolation and hardship we can learn how to accept and heal the wounds of the past, and how to change and face the future with grace and compassion, regardless of our age.

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"Let Love Be Your Guide (For John Lewis)"


  1. 1. Let Love Be Your Guide (For John Lewis)
  2. 2. Open Windows (Here I Am)
  3. 3. Long Hot Summer Nights
  4. 4. Ki Lè M’ap Wè Ou Anko? (When Will I See You Again?)
  5. 5. Coming Down
  6. 6. New Beginnings
  7. 7. In These Troubled Times
  8. 8. For the Long Night
  9. 9. The Bridge
  10. 10. Reparations Is A Must (4th Of July Love Song)
  11. 11. Hold on
  12. 12. Arriba Means Up!
  13. 13. Two Different Worlds
  14. 14. Star Time