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Damnations Day
Invisible, The Dead

Damnations Day - Invisible, The Dead

Damnations Day hails from Australia and their sound is a bit hard to define but certainly is metal, with elements of thrash, power, and melody.

Lead by the classically trained powerful range and vocal aggression of Mark Kennedy, this band is sure to be adored by fans of early Fates Warning as they combine amazing vocals with great riffs and strong song arrangements. Very highly recommended debut artist.

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"Invisible, The Dead"


  1. 1. Invisible, The Dead
  2. 2. The Meaning
  3. 3. I Am
  4. 4. Reaper
  5. 5. A Ghost In Me
  6. 6. Lucid Dreaming
  7. 7. Reflections
  8. 8. Carried Above The Sun
  9. 9. A World To Come