New Releases For January 13, 2017

Dale Watson And Ray Benson
Dale & Ray

Dale Watson And Ray Benson - Dale & Ray

Dale and Ray are, in their own words, the hottest young, or maybe the youngest hot, duo in country music. Never mind that gray hair; they swear that they’re youthful twins out of Bedsore, a suburb of Snook, Texas. Sure one of them towers over the other, but Dale explains, “That’s because Mama loved him more.” Channeling from the likes of Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, the Louvin Brothers, Buck Owens and Don Rich, Dale and Ray will be showcasing their own new original songs. Get ready to hear Country’s Newest Duo from Texas.

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"Write Your Own Songs"


  1. 1. Ballad Of Dale And Ray
  2. 2. Feelin’ Haggard
  3. 3. I Wish You Knew
  4. 4. Bus’ Breakdown
  5. 5. Write Your Own Songs
  6. 6. Cryin’ To Cryin’ Time Again
  7. 7. Forget About Tomorrow Today
  8. 8. A Hangover Ago
  9. 9. Nobody’s Ever Down In Texas
  10. 10. Sittin’ And Thinkin’ About You

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