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Post Mortem Nihil Est

Dagoba - Post Mortem Nihil Est

The artistic output of Dagoba stands as a testament to the power found within the combination of brutal riffage, mind-bending symphonic atmosphere and dark electro grooves. Post Mortem Nihil Est is a shining jewel amidst the dustbin of modern music, offering a furiously creative and persistently dynamic display of nuanced, diverse and challenging material.

'Grooves, Grooves, Grooves.' - Metal Hammer (5/7)

'Post Mortem Nihil Est is massive, epic and simply amazing.' - H-T-M (10/10)

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"I, Reptile"


  1. 1. When Winter...
  2. 2. The Realm Black
  3. 3. I, Reptile
  4. 4. Yes We Die
  5. 5. Kiss Me Kraken
  6. 6. Nevada
  7. 7. The Great Wonder
  8. 8. The Day After The Apocalypse
  9. 9. Son Of A Ghost
  10. 10. Oblivion Is For The Living
  11. 11. By The Sword

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 30
    Sergiyev Posad, Russian Federation BIG GUN FESTIVAL 2021
  • Oct 01
    Concarneau, France Black Bomb A and Dagoba at Centre des Arts et de la Culture
  • Dec 11
    Bressuire, France Dagoba and Kause 4 Konflikt with Trepalium at Espace Europe, Complexe Bocapole
  • Apr 15
    Fontenay, France Festival On n'a plus 20 ans 2022
  • May 05
    Kopervik, Norway Karmoygeddon Metal Festival 2022
  • Jun 16
    Homberg, Germany Mise Open Air Festival 2022
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