New Releases For September 27, 2019

Traced In Air Remixed

Cynic - Traced In Air Remixed

In 2008, after a fifteen-year hiatus, the legendary Cynic reemerged with Traced In Air. An album of sublime beauty, it blended their renowned musical prowess with splendor and grace. Now, a decade later, the trio usher forth a renewed edition of that very album. Featuring new tracking by virtuoso bassist Sean Malone, and a vibrant new remix and remaster by Periphery’s Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Animals As Leaders, Devin Townsend), Traced In Air Remixed underscores just how vital and important this album truly is.

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"Evolutionary Sleeper"


  1. 1. Nunc Fluens
  2. 2. The Space For This
  3. 3. Evolutionary Sleeper
  4. 4. Integral Birth
  5. 5. The Unknown Guest
  6. 6. Adam's Murmur
  7. 7. King Of Those Who Know
  8. 8. Nunc Stans