New Releases For June 5, 2012


Curumin - Arrocha

Discovered by California hip-hop outfit Blackalicious on a 2005 South American tour, the duo helped Curumin gain international recognition by releasing his debut, Achados e Perdidos, in the United States. His unique fusing of samba, reggae, electronica, funk and hip-hop has earned him gigs alongside Femi Kuti, Jorge Ben, Money Mark, Blackalicious and Juana Molina, and earned glowing accolades from the New York Times, SPIN, The Village Voice and

Arrocha is a record that's certain to surpass previous praise. Curumin is excited to be creating exactly the music that's inside his head, blending catchy tracks with an integrity and inventiveness unique unto himself.

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  1. 1. Afoxoque
  2. 2. Selvage
  3. 3. Treme Terra
  4. 4. Passarinho
  5. 5. Paris Vila Matilde
  6. 6. Tupanzinho Guerreiro
  7. 7. Vestido De Prata
  8. 8. Doce
  9. 9. BlimBlim
  10. 10. Sapo Cururu
  11. 11. Acorda
  12. 12. Pra Nunca Mais
  13. 13. Bambora!