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Welcome To Fat City

Crobot - Welcome To Fat City

The new face of rock and roll, Crobot is redefining the music landscape with their unique and raging blend of rock, blues, and funk. Their new album Welcome To Fat City features the heavy-hitting rock single “Not For Sale.”

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Not For Sale"


  1. 1. Welcome To Fat City
  2. 2. Play It Cool
  3. 3. Easy Money
  4. 4. Not For Sale
  5. 5. Hold On For Dear Life
  6. 6. Temple In The Sky
  7. 7. Right Between The Eyes
  8. 8. Blood On The Snow
  9. 9. Steal The Show
  10. 10. Moment Of Truth
  11. 11. Plague Of The Mammoths

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 08
    Austin, TX, US Crobot with To Whom It May, Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol, and Hanna Barakat at Come and Take It Live
  • Jul 09
    Houston, TX, US Crobot with To Whom It May and Hindsight at Scout Bar
  • Jul 10
    Dallas, TX, US Crobot at Trees
  • Jul 11
    San Antonio, TX, US Crobot with To Whom It May at Paper Tiger
  • Jul 14
    Cadott, WI, US Rock Fest 2021
  • Jul 15
    Iowa City, IA, US Crobot at Gabe's Oasis
  • Oct 07
    Sacramento, CA, US Monster Energy Aftershock 2021
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