New Releases For November 4, 2016

Crippled Black Phoenix

Crippled Black Phoenix - Bronze

International dark rock collective Crippled Black Phoenix return with the towering new album. Bronze is more than just music; it teems with a dark sensuality and the simmering rage of people longing to feel. CBP are the antidote to what modern music has become, and Bronze is the most vital in their canon of true protest music against a world gone mad.

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"No Fun"


  1. 1. Dead Imperial Bastard
  2. 2. Deviant Burials
  3. 3. No Fun
  4. 4. Rotten Memories
  5. 5. Champions Of Disturbance (Pt 1 & 2)
  6. 6. Goodbye Then
  7. 7. Turn To Stone
  8. 8. Scared And Alone
  9. 9. Winning A Losing Battle
  10. 10. We Are The Darkeners

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