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Craig Cardiff
All This Time Running

Craig Cardiff - All This Time Running

All This Time Running is Craig Cardiff’s first release on True North Records, and his first full length studio album in six years. His fans have been teased with four singles from the album already, that have been added to curated playlists globally and widely spread around the globe. This 17-track album includes bonus tracks of some of his best-loved songs including "Dirty Old Town" that has generated millions of spins on Spotify.

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"All This Time Running"


  1. 1. All This Time Running
  2. 2. Emm & May
  3. 3. Decorated
  4. 4. Yellowknife
  5. 5. Wyoming
  6. 6. The American
  7. 7. Moon
  8. 8. Greyhound, SK
  9. 9. Wrong Place, Wrong Time
  10. 10. Fire,Fire,Fire
  11. 11. Bryant Park
  12. 12. Don't Give Up (Bonus Track)
  13. 13. Ymir, BC (Bonus Track)
  14. 14. Dirty Old Town (Bonus Track)
  15. 15. Last Love Letter (Bonus Track)
  16. 16. All This Time Running (Explicit)
  17. 17. Moon (Big Band Version)