New Releases For September 9, 2016

Cover Your Tracks
Fever Dream

Cover Your Tracks - Fever Dream

Cover Your Tracks is an Atlanta, GA based metal band, releasing their debut album Fever Dream on Epitaph Records. Fever Dream features ten tracks that are infused both with heavy industrial leanings, as on opening track “Spin The Bottle,” as well as catchy choruses and ambitious, soaring melodies as on “Are We Innocent?” Whichever side of the spectrum these songs fall, they all combine together to create a debut album that’s as full of confidence as it is uncertainty, and which is full of nihilistic despair and determined defiance against it.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Spin The Bottle"


  1. 1. Spin The Bottle
  2. 2. Striking Matches
  3. 3. Bellow
  4. 4. Are We Innocent
  5. 5. Good Enough
  6. 6. Lights Out
  7. 7. Cages
  8. 8. Follow Me
  9. 9. Never Again
  10. 10. The Surge