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Cotton Mather
Wild Kingdom

Cotton Mather - Wild Kingdom

Wild Kingdom, the latest album by Cotton Mather, contains 11 tracks comprising another portion of the 64-track Songs From The I Ching project that also includes the 11-song Death Of The Cool album (released July 19th, 2016) and the three-track Cotton Mather With Nicole Atkins EP (released December 30th, 2016).

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"Better Than A Hit"


  1. 1. The Cotton Mather Pledge
  2. 2. Fighting Through
  3. 3. High Society
  4. 4. Hijinks Dad
  5. 5. Better Than A Hit
  6. 6. King William
  7. 7. California
  8. 8. Girl With A Blue Guitar
  9. 9. It’s Better Not To Be The King
  10. 10. The Army
  11. 11. I Volunteer

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