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Cotton Mather
Death Of The Cool

Cotton Mather - Death Of The Cool

It didn’t take 15 years for Cotton Mather’s Austin-based main man, Robert Harrison to write the 64 songs that comprise his latest musical vision, one song for each hexagram (reading) of the I Ching, that’s actually the amount of time that has passed since the last full-length album of new Cotton Mather songs was released. With so much new material on deck, it seems like Harrison is making up the difference. Death Of The Cool, the first of four anticipated albums. The limited edition 180g white vinyl will be available September 9th.

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"Life Of The Liar"


  1. 1. The Book Of Too Late Changes
  2. 2. Close To The Sun
  3. 3. The Middle Of Nowhere
  4. 4. Candy Lilac
  5. 5. Life Of The Liar
  6. 6. The Land Of Flowers
  7. 7. Never Be It
  8. 8. Queen Of Swords
  9. 9. Waters Raging
  10. 10. Child Bride
  11. 11. The End Of DeWitt Finley

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