New Releases For June 30, 2015

Cory Sipper
Make Your Magic

Cory Sipper - Make Your Magic

Singer-songwriter Cory Sipper presents her fifth stellar album Make Your Magic, after a ten year hiatus. Featuring performances from Glen Phillips and Dean Dinning of Toad The Wet Sprocket, this release is filled with the critically-acclaimed songwriting and glistening production that Cory’s albums are known for. Even before its official release, the single “Campfire” was getting spins at KCSN-Los Angeles. Cory’s songs have been used nationally and internationally in many TV shows as well as film and commercials.

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"Campfire (Featuring Glen Phillips)"


  1. 1. Holding Strong
  2. 2. Campfire (Featuring Glen Phillips)
  3. 3. This Is the Day
  4. 4. Black Or White
  5. 5. My Turn To Shine
  6. 6. Start Talking
  7. 7. Nightbird
  8. 8. Petals
  9. 9. Wild Heart
  10. 10. Stardust