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Corinne Cook
Yes I Can

Corinne Cook - Yes I Can

Corinne Cook’s latest album Yes I Can was produced by Denny Martin and features edgy contemporary country rock songs with a pop sensibility. Considered “emotional rollercoasters, snapshots of life,” Cook’s latest album continues the ride. From the anthem-styled title track “Yes I Can,” about women empowerment to the blues-rock driven revenge romp “Last Thing To Go,” country rocker “Devil’s Heaven” and “Mr. Mechanic,” a clever, whimsical metaphor driven track. The album also includes “One Box Of Tissues,” a spirited post breakup “to-do” list, the heart wrenching “Trying Not To Die,” and the poignant patriotic tracks “Seven White Stars,” and power ballad “Those Few Dreams.”

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"Yes I Can"


  1. 1. Last Thing To Go
  2. 2. One Box Of Tissues
  3. 3. Yes I Can
  4. 4. Trying Not To Die
  5. 5. Devil's Heaven
  6. 6. Mr. Mechanic
  7. 7. Seven White Stars
  8. 8. Those Few Dreams