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Connie Han
Crime Zone

Connie Han - Crime Zone

With her debut Mack Avenue Records album Crime Zone, next generation Los Angeles pianist Connie Han has created an edgy blend of modern and traditional jazz. The pianist’s upcoming release highlights a powerful statement that is a mix of respect and knowledge of the past, combining an exciting and innovative vision for her musical future. “This record is really meant to be a statement about being rebellious but within the tradition,” Han explains. “The title, Crime Zone, reinforces how I hope to brand myself as an artist, which in the end is being a provocateur of creative music.”

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"Crime Zone"


  1. 1. Another Kind Of Right
  2. 2. Crime Zone
  3. 3. By The Grace Of God
  4. 4. Pretty Women
  5. 5. Southern Rebellion
  6. 6. Gruvy
  7. 7. A Shade Of Jade
  8. 8. Member This
  9. 9. Is That So?
  10. 10. Extended Stay