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Colter Wall
Western Swing & Waltzes And Other Punchy Songs

Colter Wall - Western Swing & Waltzes And Other Punchy Songs

Western Canadian songwriter, Colter Wall, is the weathered baritone that spins narratives on the stage. He sings traditionals known to most, historic reverie, and poignant originals, raising both goosebumps and beers through-out the evening. Wall’s approach is that of a preservationist, pure as the prairie wind, and is on full display on his new self-produced album Western Swing & Waltzes And Other Punchy Songs. Wall’s 10-track ode to the themes and labors of western life picks up where his last album left off, with a reverence for his “working cowboy kin” and a whole mess of cowboy songs.

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"Western Swing & Waltzes"


  1. 1. Western Swing & Waltzes
  2. 2. I Ride An Old Paint / Leavin' Cheyenne
  3. 3. Big Iron
  4. 4. Henry And Sam
  5. 5. Diamond Joe
  6. 6. High & Mighty
  7. 7. Talkin' Prairie Boy
  8. 8. Cowpoke
  9. 9. Rocky Mountain Rangers
  10. 10. Houlihans At The Holiday Inn

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 11
    Stockholm, Sweden Sthlm Americana 2021
  • Jun 12
    Oslo, Norway Oslo Americana 2021
  • Jun 18
    Tunbridge Wells, UK Black Deer Festival 2021
  • Jul 17
    Whitefish, MT, US Under the Big Sky 2021
  • Aug 20
    Lexington, KY, US Railbird Festival 2021
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