New Releases For October 25, 2019

The Burning Dawn

Cloak - The Burning Dawn

Cloak's new album, The Burning Dawn delivers the pageantry and power of classic heavy metal in a modern, muscular form. The critically-acclaimed quartet's dark metal distills influence from the genre's titans, and melds the gothic nuance of their 2017 debut album with a more aggressive and vehement spirit.

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"A Voice In The Night"


  1. 1. March Of The Adversary
  2. 2. The Cleansing Fire
  3. 3. A Voice In The Night
  4. 4. Tempter's Call
  5. 5. Into The Storm
  6. 6. Lifeless Silence
  7. 7. The Fire, The Faith, The Void
  8. 8. On Poisoned Ground
  9. 9. Where The Horrors Thrive

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