New Releases For June 1, 2010

Clay Aiken
Tried And True

Clay Aiken - Tried And True

For Clay Aiken, Tried and True was about getting back to himself after a career performing more pop-oriented material.

'There are a lot of elements to this album that are about me returning to what I'm comfortable with,' Aiken says. 'I've often joked with friends that I feel like I was born at the wrong time because the person I am and the songs I like to sing are all from earlier eras. To me, older songs are more melodically appealing and beautiful. So doing this album was kind of an opportunity to just be myself. I'm kind of an old soul, so singing gorgeous orchestral arrangements backed by a big band fits me really well.'

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: June 1, 2010 ON Decca

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"Mack The Knife"


  1. 1. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  2. 2. What Kind Of Fool Am I?
  3. 3. It's Only Make Believe
  4. 4. Misty
  5. 5. Mack The Knife
  6. 6. It's Impossible
  7. 7. Unchained Melody
  8. 8. Suspicious Minds
  9. 9. Crying
  10. 10. There's A Kind Of Hush
  11. 11. Moon River
  12. 12. Hard To Do

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