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Gershwin's Magic Key

Classical Kids - Gershwin's Magic Key

The first new release in 20 years from the award-winning platinum selling Classical Kids series, most famous for Beethoven Lives Upstairs. Extra, extra! Read all about it! Step into the streets of 1920s New York City, where a newspaper boy has a chance encounter with the famous composer George Gershwin, and together they explore the many sights and sounds of the city. Gershwin’s Magic Key is the first-ever educationally entertaining musical story introducing children to the extraordinary life and musical masterpieces of one of America’s greatest composers.

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"THE George Gershwin"


  1. 1. Tin Pan Newsboy
  2. 2. THE George Gershwin
  3. 3. Find Your Key
  4. 4. Magical Mind Of A Composer
  5. 5. The American Chorus
  6. 6. Voice Of The American Soul
  7. 7. Music Unites Us All
  8. 8. A Composer's Best Friend
  9. 9. Show 'Em What We Got
  10. 10. Musical Kaleidoscope Of American
  11. 11. The Title Comes Last