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Citizen Zero
State Of Mind

Citizen Zero - State Of Mind

Citizen Zero is a fresh breed of active rock delivering arena-sized anthems with the backbone of emotionally complex lyrics. Hailing from Detroit and inspired by the city’s grit, resilience, and creative spark, Citizen Zero hits heavy with their charged rock melodies and thought-provoking themes. Their debut album, State Of Mind, features the hit rock single “Go (Let Me Save You).”

TAGS: Hard Rock

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"Go (Let Me Save You)"


  1. 1. What A Feeling
  2. 2. Go (Let Me Save You)
  3. 3. Save The Queen
  4. 4. State Of Mind
  5. 5. Come Away
  6. 6. Lure And Persuade
  7. 7. Love Let It
  8. 8. Applause And Fame
  9. 9. When The Rain Comes
  10. 10. Bangin In The Nails
  11. 11. Home