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Sad Happy

Circa Waves - Sad Happy

An album of our times, Sad Happy is formed of two diametrically distinctive sides, the “Happy” side released individually before uniting as one complete body with the other side, “Sad.” “We live in a world split into two extreme halves,” Kieran Shudall explains. “One moment you’re filled with the existential crisis of climate doom and the next you’re distracted by another piece of inconsequential content that has you laughing aloud. I find this close proximity of immense sadness and happiness so jarring, bizarre and fascinating.” Sad Happy was written and produced in full by Shudall and mixed by Grammy winners Dan Grech-Marguerat and Matt Wiggins.

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"Sad Happy"


  1. Happy:
  2. 1. Jacqueline
  3. 2. Be Your Drug
  4. 3. Move To San Francisco
  5. 4. Wasted On You
  6. 5. The Things We Knew Last Night
  7. 6. Call Your Name
  8. 7. Love You More
  9. Sad:
  10. 8. Sad Happy
  11. 9. Wake Up Call
  12. 10. Sympathy
  13. 11. Battered & Bruised
  14. 12. Hope There's A Heaven
  15. 13. Train To Lime Street
  16. 14. Birthday Cake