New Releases For March 10, 2017

Cindy Lee Berryhill
The Adventurist

Cindy Lee Berryhill - The Adventurist

Cindy Lee Berryhill emerged on the music scene in the late 1980s with Who’s Gonna Save The World. Sadly, her husband, Crawdaddy magazine founder Paul Williams sustained a traumatic brain injury in 1995, and while she continued to write and perform, she focused on caring for him until his passing in 2013. Berryhill set out to write and record an album full of visionary songs with the help of her musical friends including DJ Bonebrake, Syd Straw, and more. The Adventurist is an album full of songs that are a tribute to the love shared with her late husband, but will definitely resonate with everyone who takes this journey.

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"I Like Cats/You Like Dogs"


  1. 1. American Cinematography
  2. 2. Somebody’s Angel
  3. 3. Contemplating The Infinite (In A Kiss)
  4. 4. The Adventurist
  5. 5. Information From Nowhere
  6. 6. Thanks Again
  7. 7. Horsepower
  8. 8. Jumping To Conclusions
  9. 9. I Like Cats/You Like Dogs
  10. 10. The Heavy
  11. 11. Deep Sea Fishing
  12. 12. Gravity Falls
  13. 13. An Affair Of The Heart
  14. 14. Deep Sea Dishing