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Cicada Rhythm
Cicada Rhythm

Cicada Rhythm - Cicada Rhythm

Cicada Rhythm's self-titled album meanders through folk, rock, Americana, and further afield, but this shared sense of what makes music powerful binds all of the songs together. At the center of their appeal is the mystery of how the interplay between two different sounds – whether it be the spirited finger-picking of guitar dancing over the rising swell of the bass, or their voices layering into sweet harmony – fills the space in between with meaning. In Cicada Rhythm, this space is explored with a fervent intensity that is belied by the effortless elegance of the arrangements.

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"Dirty Hound"


  1. 1. The Keeper
  2. 2. Dirty Hound
  3. 3. Walking Late
  4. 4. In The Garden
  5. 5. Static In My Dream
  6. 6. Shadows Before You
  7. 7. Round Yellow Suitcase
  8. 8. The Farmer
  9. 9. I’m Sorry Charlene
  10. 10. Werewolf
  11. 11. Do Not Destroy
  12. 12. Ms. Eloise

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