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Chuck E. Weiss
Red Beans And Weiss

Chuck E. Weiss - Red Beans And Weiss

Red Beans and Weiss, the newest album from Los Angeles legend Chuck E. Weiss marks his first release since 2006's 23rd & Stout.

Weiss has had the extraordinary fortune to record the album without the pressure of a time clock. He began recording in October 2012 with strong encouragement by his friends and mentors, Tom Waits and Johnny Depp, who are executive producing this album, which all consider to be Weiss' best work yet.

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"Boston Blackie"


  1. 1. Tupelo Joe
  2. 2. Shushie
  3. 3. Boston Blackie
  4. 4. That Knucklehead Stuff
  5. 5. Bomb The Tracks
  6. 6. Exile On Main Street Blues
  7. 7. Kokamo (Boy Bruce)
  8. 8. Hey Pendejo
  9. 9. Dead Man's Shoes
  10. 10. Old New Song
  11. 11. The Hink-A-Dink
  12. 12. Oo Poo Pa Do In The Rebop
  13. 13. Willy's In The Pee Pee House