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Chuck Berry
Rockit (Reissue)

Chuck Berry - Rockit (Reissue)

Chuck Berry’s 1979 album Rockit was his first recording project since parting ways with his long-time label Chess Records. The album would be one of the rock legend’s final musical statements. Berry wouldn’t make another album of fresh material until the one he was preparing for release at the time of his March 18, 2017 death. Rockit is pure and simple, Chuck Berry. He defined rock and roll and his music still rang true in 1979.

TAGS: Oldies | Pop | Reissue | Rock

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"Oh What A Thrill"


  1. 1. Move It
  2. 2. Oh What A Thrill
  3. 3. I Need You Baby
  4. 4. If I Were You
  5. 5. House Lights
  6. 6. I Never Thought
  7. 7. Havana Moon
  8. 8. Wuden't Me
  9. 9. California
  10. 10. Pass Away

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