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Christopher Lee
Charlemagne - By the Sword and the Cross

Christopher Lee - Charlemagne - By the Sword and the Cross

The story of King Charlemagne, First Holy Roman Emperor, acted and sung by the legendary actor Christopher Lee. Sir Christopher is the highest grossing actor of all time, with cinematic milestones such as Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, The Man with the Golden Gun and Dracula.

The Carandinis, Lee's maternal ancestors, were given the right to bear the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire by the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. Through his Carandini ancestors, Christopher Lee has a direct link to Charlemagne, and has decided for the first time in his life to pay homage to his distinguished ancestor, who is credited as 'The Father of Europe.'

Composer Marco Sabiu, best known for his collaborations with Kylie Minogue, Take That, Pavarotti, and Morricone, has created a truly epic canvas by introducing modern Heavy Metal symphonies, in a style which resembles a movie score. That transports the listener into 'The Dark Ages,' with a very powerful storyline and mesmerizing lyrics. A full orchestra, heavy metal musicians, choir and special guest vocalists bring the legend of Charlemagne to life.

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"Act III The Bloody Verdict Of Verden"


  1. 1. Overture
  2. 2. Act I Intro
  3. 3. Act I King Of Franks
  4. 4. Act II Intro
  5. 5. Act II The Iron Crowd Of Lombardy
  6. 6. Act III Intro
  7. 7. Act III The Bloody Verdict Of Verden
  8. 8. Act IV Intro
  9. 9. Act IV The Age Of Oneness Out Of Diversity
  10. 10. Act V Intro
  11. 11. Act V Starlight
  12. 12. Finale
  13. 13. Iberia
  14. 14. The Bloody Verdict Of Verden (Instr.)