New Releases For September 22, 2017

Christian McBride Big Band
Bringin' It

Christian McBride Big Band - Bringin' It

Iconic bassist Christian McBride has been doing what the title of his upcoming big band album implores for years: Bringin’ It. This highly anticipated release, which follows the Christian McBride Big Band’s 2011 Grammy® Award-winning debut, The Good Feeling, puts his status and skills as an all-around entertainer on full display. From his amazing quintet, Inside Straight, to his avant-garde leaning quartet, New Jawn, the contemporary sound of his fusion group, A Christian McBride Situation, to the critically acclaimed music he’s made with his trio, the bassist has always disseminated his own unique 360-degree view of jazz.

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"Gettin’ To It"


  1. 1. Gettin’ To It
  2. 2. Thermo
  3. 3. Youthful Bliss
  4. 4. I Thought About You
  5. 5. Sahara
  6. 6. Upside Down
  7. 7. Full House
  8. 8. Mr. Bojangles
  9. 9. Used ‘ta Could
  10. 10. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
  11. 11. Optimism

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