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Chrissie Hynde
Alone With Chrissie Hynde (DVD/Blu-ray)

Chrissie Hynde - Alone With Chrissie Hynde (DVD/Blu-ray)

Previously broadcast as part of the renowned BBC TV Arena series, Alone With Chrissie Hynde follows the Pretenders’ lead singer as she shares an insight into her life. On a journey taking place in Paris, London, New York, Nashville and her hometown of Akron, Ohio, Chrissie takes the lead, avoiding the talking heads typically associated with documentaries to speak frankly about her passion for music, painting and the issues that matter to her most. Complementing the film is a bonus full-length concert performance by the original line-up of the Pretenders from the Sartory-Säle in Cologne, Germany from July 1981, which was filmed for the famous Rockpalast music TV series.


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  2. Bonus DVD Track Listing: Live Show From July 1981
  3. 1. The Wait
  4. 2. The Adultress
  5. 3. Message Of Love
  6. 4. Louie Louie
  7. 5. Talk Of The Town
  8. 6. The English Roses
  9. 7. Birds Of Paradise
  10. 8. Kid
  11. 9. Stop Your Sobbing
  12. 10. Private Life
  13. 11. Jealous Dogs
  14. 12. Day After Day
  15. 13. Up The Neck
  16. 14. Tattooed Love Boys
  17. 15. Bad Boys Get Spanked
  18. 16. Precious
  19. 17. Brass In Pocket
  20. 18. Mystery Achievement