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Chris Shiflett
Hard Lessons

Chris Shiflett - Hard Lessons

This album is filled with intricate guitar riffs that highlight the legendary guitar skills of Chris Shiflett. Having been in the band Foo Fighters, Chris has already made a name for himself and is now launching his solo career. A handful of tracks on this record have a grunge, raw, feel, while others lean to the Americana/Country feel. Hard Lessons gives listeners a variety of Chris’s abilities and skills as both an artist and a virtuosic guitarist.

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"Welcome To Your First Heartache"


  1. 1. Liar’s World
  2. 2. This Ol’ World
  3. 3. Welcome To Your First Heartache
  4. 4. The Hardest Lessons
  5. 5. The One You Go Home To
  6. 6. Fool’s Gold
  7. 7. I Thought You’d Never Leave
  8. 8. Weak Heart
  9. 9. Marfa On My Mind
  10. 10. Leaving Again
  11. 11. The Hardest Lessons (Reprise)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 08
    Reno, NV, US Social Distortion with Chris Shiflett at Cargo Concert Hall
  • Jun 07
    Berlin, Germany Garrett T. Capps with Chris Shiflett at Privatclub
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