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Chris Ronald
Light & Dark

Chris Ronald - Light & Dark

Chris Ronald's stand-out signature sound is steeped in his British roots, poetic lyrics, and a buttery fusion of folk and rock music reminiscent of 1960s revivalists and 1970s singer-songwriters. With rich folk stylings displayed in his previous releases, Light & Dark stays true to form with a slight lean to a more rootsy sound, leaving the album a masterful piece suitable for folk playlists and radio, as well as Americana. Ronald's powerful vocals and musicianship (guitar, harmonica, and ukulele) are showcased brilliantly, once again, under the skillful production of award-winning multi-instrumentalist and producer John Ellis.

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"City Girl"


  1. 1. Please Don't Come For Me Now
  2. 2. City Girl
  3. 3. Light & Dark
  4. 4. Still Turning
  5. 5. I Won't Change
  6. 6. As It Happens
  7. 7. The Rock
  8. 8. Pacific Time
  9. 9. Bones
  10. 10. Sunshine
  11. 11. Old Lover