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Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Servants Of The Sun

Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Servants Of The Sun

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s brand-new album, Servants Of The Sun, bursts into the clear blue air with the funky upper atmosphere bubbling of vintage keyboards and driving rhythm. A gateway swings wide open to a universe that the band has been tirelessly constructing for eight years through extraordinary musicianship, endless touring and a roving, seemingly bottomless wizard’s chest of sonic magic.

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"The Chauffeur's Daughter"


  1. 1. Some Earthly Delights
  2. 2. Let It Fall
  3. 3. Rare Birds
  4. 4. Venus In Chrome
  5. 5. Stars Fell On California
  6. 6. Comin' Round The Mountain
  7. 7. The Chauffeur's Daughter
  8. 8. Dice Game
  9. 9. Madder Rose Interlude
  10. 10. A Smiling Epitaph

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