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Chris Price
Stop Talking

Chris Price - Stop Talking

It’s been five years since Chris Price released his debut solo album, but there’s a few reasons it’s taken this long for a follow-up - he’s been a bit busy. Between producing critically acclaimed comebacks from Linda Perhacs and Emitt Rhodes, opening for the Who with Tal Wilkenfeld’s band, and co-writing with Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish, Beck), he continued to write and record his own new music. The result - Stop Talking. The new album contains 14 tracks produced, engineered, and arranged by Price, and features a wide variety of sounds and styles, as well as guests.

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"Stop Talking"


  1. 1. Stop Talking
  2. 2. Hi Lo
  3. 3. Pulling Teeth
  4. 4. Man Down
  5. 5. Father To The Man
  6. 6. Once Was True
  7. 7. You And Me (And Everyone Else)
  8. 8. Algebra In The Sky
  9. 9. Sigh
  10. 10. Darkness
  11. 11. Contrition
  12. 12. One Of Them
  13. 13. Just In Time
  14. 14. Anhedonia